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Emission and Injection Systems for a better environment
The fuel injection system is an integral part of the vehicle’s emission system and if not properly maintained, can produce polluting emissions.

The weather seems to be playing games on us these days, one thing that should not change is maintenance on your vehicle. Preventing maintenance is still important for safety reasons: reliability and assurance. Yes, people are getting better educated about their vehicles, but are they educated enough about the maintenance required and prescribed, especially from various manufacturers?

Timing Belt
Most overhead cam engines are equipped with a reinforced rubber timing belt. These belts have a 90,000km to 120,000km lifespan, depending on the model, year and make. If this belt is not replaced as required and a breakdown occurs, there is distinct possibility of engine damage as the pistons may come in contact with the valves, causing major and considerable expenses.

Predicting The Predictable
Customers who provide the best possible care and follow the strictest maintenance program will still eventually need to replace the following items: water pump, fuel pump, exhaust system components, and the timing belt.

Fuel Pump
The number of fuel pumps failures, past 100,000km, is quite frequent among North American brands. Japanese pumps usually last the life of the car. Fuel pump failures happen abruptly, the engine suddenly quit without forewarning.

Batteries have an expected lifespan of 4 to 5 years, no matter how many kilometres are driven.

Water Pump
The number of failures of this component rises dramatically after 120km, it is a ticking bomb.

Jose Juarez specializes in car repair and auto maintenance, Jose has over 25 years of experience in Domestic and Import cars.
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